Aviator Upfront / Full Leather & Biker Gel / Fits 08-22 Bagger

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Part # LKU-017 Custom

All Genuine Black Leather with Biker Gel

The Aviator Upfront moves the driver 2.5" closer to the handlebars than the standard.

The Biker Gel option and Leather upgrade are a great combo if you like a firmer seat. Many find the slightly firmer option to be more supportive for longer distance rides.

13" Wide

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With leather being a natural material it can vary from hide to hide. Wrinkles, small imperfections and inconsistency in color should not be considered a flaw, rather an innate quality of leather making each leather seat a beautifully natural, unique piece. It is all part of the charm of leather.


Leather seats should be cleaned and conditioned with leather products regularly. Once every 3-4 months in most climates; more frequently in dry climates. Since there are several different leather products and leather tanning processes, it is always recommended to test any products to be used on a small portion of the seat, preferably the underside, before applying to the whole seat.